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Regardless of company size or industry, everyone likely has used Open Source Software within their software development process — OSS has become an important part of not only every company's products and services, but also its operations and infrastructure. As a result, proper identification and management of OSS is critical to every company's ongoing operations. Canvass Labs services customers of all sizes from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. Customers come from all areas, including technology, financial services, healthcare, automotive industries, and government agencies.

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Read about how Canvass Labs helped Diamond Key Security.

“Canvass Labs demonstrated extensive expertise, and we were pleased to contract with them for the DKS license review,” said W. Stuart Jones, Managing Director, Operations at DKS. “Working with Canvass Labs was a positive experience, and their results were thorough, accurate and efficiently delivered ahead of schedule.”

W. Stuart Jones

Managing Director, Operations at Diamond Key Security™


After former government contractor and CIA employee Edward Snowden copied and leaked classified information to the public, many called into question the integrity of some of the implementations of basic cryptographic functions and of the cryptographic devices used to secure applications and Internet communications. As a result, the CrypTech Project was formed to develop an open-source hardware cryptographic engine design that meets the needs of high-assurance Internet infrastructure employing cryptography. Diamond Key Security™ (“DKS”), based in Palatine, Illinois, is developing products based on CrypTech technology enabling sustainability for the CrypTech Project. Organizations such as DKS need to make sure ​​that the product code is free from any restrictive Open Source Software (“OSS”) license requirements.

How Canvass Labs Helped

Canvass Labs downloaded Diamond Key’s latest source code and Canvass Labs used its proprietary scanning tool License Analyzer, on the code as part of the audit process. Canvass Labs then provided DKS with a detailed report listing all of the OSS licenses contained within the source code, and flagged all license information that needed additional follow up. Canvass Labs provided a comprehensive report to DKS quickly and accurately. Canvass Labs reviewed the results and confirmed no false positives, which validated the accuracy of our License Analyzer solution.

What License Analyzer Did

License Analyzer identified OSS license and copyright information embedded in DKS’s source code.  License Analyzer references a library of 400+ commonly used license text, scans source code for known OSS licenses, copyright info, and author information. In addition to identifying commonly used OSS licenses in DKS’s source code, License Analyzer also was able to find relevant license text that was either altered or did not fall into its knowledge base of commonly used licenses, validating the strength of License Analyzer and its AI-driven engine.


  • Advanced mathematical approach to OSS license review and deep code scanning
  • Reduce number of false positives compared to other code scanning solutions
  • Minimize manual review needed during OSS review process

About Diamond Key Security

Diamond Key Security™, based in Palatine, Illinois, was formed in March 2017 as a not-for-profit corporation described under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.  Its educational, charitable, and scientific purposes include conducting scientific research in the development, enhancement and deployment of transparent, auditable cryptographic technologies to help safeguard the Internet for the public good, educating the general public concerning cryptographic technology, facilitating initiatives to enhance the security and stability of the Internet, encouraging the effective use of cryptographic technologies in educational and other nonprofit organizations, and making reliable cryptographic security technologies widely available. DKS’s initial activities involve research, study, and scientific experimentation related to the CrypTech open-source cryptographic module.  Specifically, its work researches the sustainability, development, and support of the CrypTech module for widely-available and inexpensive use among the general public through testing, evaluation, development of support, reference and developer support materials, and through the creation of viable hardware and software solutions that utilize this technology in under-served spaces, where such security technology is neither readily available nor currently affordable.  DKS’s website is at


  • Advanced mathematical approach to OSS license review and deep code scanning
  • Reduce number of false positives compared to other code scanning solutions
  • Minimize manual review needed during OSS review process

About the CrypTech Project

The CrypTech Project is a worldwide initiative started in late 2013.  The CrypTech Project was originally formed in response to the Snowden revelations of mass surveillance and to indications that the hardware implementations of key cryptographic algorithms and functions have been systematically targeted in an effort to weaken and subvert their utility.  The goal of the project was to create an open-source design for a hardware cryptographic engine for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and an associated reference implementation that allows anyone to deploy and audit a secure, low-cost cryptographic engine in their environments. Possible examples of key security infrastructure that could utilize CrypTech technology include Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), TOR Consensus, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), Identity Federations, and the Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority (CA).  CrypTech is funded through contributions and support from varying industry and global partners. More information can be found at the CrypTech website at Please contact for additional information on how we can assist your enterprise on Open Source Software license review.

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