Open Source Software Compliance

Can you identify open source license information to ensure compliance to reduce business risk?


Canvass for Compliance

Searching for and declaring OSS licenses and copyright statements prior to a software release or software company acquisition are important parts of the due diligence process, as improper usage of OSS can threaten a company’s IP. Most large enterprises have to dedicate large teams of people for this task, so our team developed Canvass for Compliance to drastically reduce the burden of manual OSS review.


Open Source License Compliance is Critical

Canvass for Compliance is a software solution designed to identify OSS license and copyright information embedded in your source code. It has two primary features:

License Analyzer

Leverages a library of 400+ commonly used license text to scan source code for known licenses. Determines license information that may have been altered and flags text that should be followed up with manual review.

Copyright Parser

Scans source code for copyright information. Identifies and tags each component, including names, company, and email. Can handle altered and misspelled text. Presence of copyright markers is not required.

Canvass for Compliance: A New Approach to Open Source Scanning


Our Compliance tool accurately identifies license information while minimizing false positives.


Our Compliance tool greatly speeds up the OSS review process and is designed to be scalable.

Secure Data

We offer an on premise solution ensuring that your valuable source code is not up-loaded to another network keeping it safe and secure.

Big Data + AI

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are ingrained in our company’s DNA. Our mission is to build unique products that help large enterprises solve difficult problems in OSS management.

For more information on License Analyzer, download our Product Sheet.

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